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05/05/2012 |  124  views | 6  comments |  view exif data
ribbit ribbit  by  tomatowoma

mel made the diaper cover and hat....its a soa world, revondas grandson and i shot! it takes a village!

jaycole37  May 5 2012 10:43AM
He''s a cute lil fella...! Nice job Toma

britishgal  May 5 2012 11:06AM
Awwww bless his little heart he is adorable!! :-)

tawaterk  May 5 2012 12:13PM
How adorable~

rondo  May 5 2012 1:46PM

revonda  May 9 2012 2:22AM
The soa village! I love that! Has Mel seen this? Cute, cute, cute!

mwells  May 17 2012 10:09AM
Our little froggy doing the back stroke

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