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03/03/2012 |  387  views | 14  comments |  view exif data
view from the top  by  texasyacht

28 miles from home:)

kobresia  Mar 3 2012 12:36AM
Oh my goodness, T- this is truly breathtaking...
I like the light hitting the tops of the rocks too.
You know, I remember when you got your Canon Rebel-
we got our DSLR''s at about the same time. What a difference it
makes in your work. :)

texasyacht  Mar 3 2012 12:38AM
lol........thanks.......i did make plat with my trusty kodak tho......LOL

kobresia  Mar 3 2012 12:40AM
And I made Plat with a cheap little P&S too. :) (I still favour point and shoots over DSLRs!)

texasyacht  Mar 3 2012 12:43AM
mine was the z712......7 mp and advanced modes.....still carry it in my bag:)

cowgirltee  Mar 3 2012 1:15AM
oh wow.. now thats a view.. love it..

rondo  Mar 3 2012 2:06AM
Beautiful,buddy....gorgeous light & color:)

zyxwv  Mar 3 2012 3:36AM
Wow its a stunner! :-)

jomoying  Mar 3 2012 6:29AM
beautiful. :)

vghiggins  Mar 3 2012 10:02AM
gorgeous shot, Tex! the light is so pretty!

wildmanaz  Mar 3 2012 10:21AM
Cool Tex

nitti  Mar 3 2012 11:57AM

tawaterk  Mar 3 2012 2:31PM
Stunning image~

gunnysack  Mar 3 2012 10:44PM
Another beautiful sky!

terrydavey  Mar 7 2012 3:48PM
This one goes with the song, I''m Only 28 Miles From My Home! Way to go Tex!

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