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03/02/2012 |  451  views | 9  comments |  view exif data
''Storm's A Comin''  by  kobresia

[best enlarged]

I love it when Josh comes over to play. He lets me take a million pics of him. :)

Lensbaby Composer Pro
Double Glass 2.8
Canon Rebel Xti

Taken last night around 3:00 a.m. in a donut-induced sugar craze

sabra22  Mar 2 2012 8:04PM
LOL on the sugar craze.....Really cool image Brig.

kobresia  Mar 2 2012 8:27PM
Thanks, y''all. :) And yeah, Steph, I''m pretty lucky I think. Josh is extremely photogenic. He''s also the biggest clown in the world. When I put the camera on him, he strikes about 20 poses- mugging for the camera- batting his eyelashes, etc. He''s silly. :)

kobresia  Mar 2 2012 8:29PM
This was an in-between take and I saw his intense stare and had to get it.
(I made him stay like that for about 10 more frames..heheh..) I like this one a lot.

zyxwv  Mar 2 2012 11:20PM
well this is great nice to know even in a donut-induced sugar craze you still do not lose your gift to take a great photo!

texasyacht  Mar 3 2012 12:29AM
awesome as always!~

rondo  Mar 3 2012 1:56AM
On board flash? Great shot of Josh,chica! Very intense look goin on...he must have been coming down from the sugar rush!hehe:))

kobresia  Mar 3 2012 4:06AM
I think I did use my flash here, Ron. (Trying to remember...) The apartment lighting is uber bad here at night, plus, I have white Christmas lights strung around my room because it creates a soft glow. Ambient, warm, but somewhat dim. So, I probably did use it for this shot.

kobresia  Mar 3 2012 4:08AM
And although Josh can look really serious (such as seen here), one second later he can bust out laughing (at himself) for looking so serious. (He''s not at all what he seems to be.)

rondo  Mar 3 2012 9:55AM
I thought so with that small highlight in his eyes,but I wasn''t sure cuz I rarely see you using flash!:)) I''m sure he has his silly side...but here, he looks like he''s about to open a can of whoop-ass on someone!lol:))

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