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02/06/2012 |  268  views | 5  comments |  view exif data
Sunrise at Crosswinds  by  zyxwv

an old shot I reworked :-) been reading a lot more about editing lately. lol

kobresia  Feb 6 2012 6:01PM
Wowwww Mick. This is a real stunner! Good reworking. :)

texasyacht  Feb 6 2012 6:36PM
beautiful Mick

nitti  Feb 6 2012 8:11PM
What a beauty!

rondo  Feb 7 2012 1:15AM
Gorgeous image,Mick:)

mfarrugg  Feb 7 2012 8:55AM
yeah, i do that with my old photos. Always learning and trying to do better. nice job here

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