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04/29/2012 |  117  views | 47  voting points | 7  comments |  view exif data
F-22 Raptor Top View
/images/icon/ic_img_notfound_48.gif F-22 Raptor Top View  by  nfocus101

Nikon D3100

N/A dhundro   Apr 29 2012 10:53PM

N/A pixvixen   Apr 29 2012 11:01PM
very nice

N/A phgal   Apr 29 2012 11:41PM

N/A benngoma   Apr 30 2012 7:18AM

N/A hedgie6   Apr 30 2012 7:39AM
Great capture!

N/A astorti   Apr 30 2012 4:25PM
Very Nice

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