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03/17/2012 |  170  views | 140  voting points | 26  comments |  view exif data
Spring Time
/images/icon/ic_img_notfound_48.gif Spring Time  by  glenslens

With this warm weather, it feels more like summer...<br> (:o}&gtgm

N/A texasyacht   Mar 17 2012 9:05PM
awesome detail

N/A phgal   Mar 17 2012 9:05PM
beautifully done..great detail and colors

N/A nursediana   Mar 17 2012 9:07PM

N/A rlau99   Mar 17 2012 9:08PM
Good macro shot!!!

N/A tejasraut   Mar 17 2012 9:52PM
Greate shot

N/A cowgirltee   Mar 17 2012 10:14PM
excellent shot..

N/A sunflower0   Mar 17 2012 10:47PM
super shot

N/A greskcine   Mar 17 2012 11:05PM
Love the color

N/A deedee130   Mar 17 2012 11:38PM

N/A twayman   Mar 18 2012 12:37AM
ooo that is a super pretty capture! nice job!!

N/A photojem   Mar 18 2012 12:48AM
Beautiful shot. vtd:June

N/A patrick9x9   Mar 18 2012 12:54AM
Beautiful shot

N/A benngoma   Mar 18 2012 1:50AM

N/A spirit   Mar 18 2012 6:18AM

N/A astorti   Mar 18 2012 7:59AM

N/A vghiggins   Mar 18 2012 9:24AM

N/A inkydnky   Mar 18 2012 12:34PM
What a great ask. I love the way you got the detail of this shoot out! Yvonne

N/A blackrose   Mar 18 2012 2:18PM

N/A dinky42055   Mar 18 2012 6:11PM
GORGEOUS macro shot of the crocus. Wonderful details.

N/A ozzyboy   Mar 18 2012 10:39PM
nice work...love the details

N/A barbaral63   Mar 20 2012 11:22PM
Great macro. vtd

N/A dhundro   Mar 22 2012 12:40AM
great color / detail

N/A grovene   Mar 22 2012 1:02PM
Such a pretty little flower - I can''t understand why it had a wish to be shot - maybe it was the voices....great capture anyway....:^)

N/A jaxdolfan   Mar 31 2012 11:20PM
Digging the macro, great detail and color!!

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