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07/01/2006 |  1381  views | 464  voting points | 146  comments |  view exif data
Orange glow.
/images/icon/ic_img_notfound_48.gif Orange glow.  by  sintap2

Have a wonderful summer everyone and please stay safe.<br> Using picasa , for the soft focus effect. I like this kind like of dreamy.<br> ISO-50 <br> 1/833 sec<br> length 5mm<br> F/6<br> Natural light

N/A kmaritza   Jul 1 2006 12:06AM
Gorgeous color!

N/A larrym64   Jul 1 2006 12:13AM
Beautiful shot.

N/A rosequeen   Jul 1 2006 12:22AM
another beautiful shot sintap! love california's poppy!

N/A nursediana   Jul 1 2006 12:23AM
beautiful color...v

N/A stzlbender   Jul 1 2006 12:46AM
Wow sintap...this is probably one of my favorites of yours! I love that orange!

N/A astarte612   Jul 1 2006 12:49AM
ooo the color is very nice! its very sharp in the center, and Iike that. great job

N/A mzaudrey20   Jul 1 2006 12:57AM
so beautiful! Love the color.....VTD
so many people entered photos all at once! Will we all be seen? Ahhhhh

N/A sullivan   Jul 1 2006 12:59AM
Needs a subject, a center of attention...

N/A glg0733   Jul 1 2006 1:12AM
love this! as always you did a great job! vtd

N/A faceless   Jul 1 2006 1:13AM
oh wow sintap!!! this is wonderful! the colors and lighting are stupendous!!! looks ethareal haha. detov

N/A ganesh5555   Jul 1 2006 1:23AM
Love those pippies! Nice capture of them.

N/A lmichelleb   Jul 1 2006 2:09AM
This is one of my favorites from your work great job. voted

N/A architect   Jul 1 2006 3:23AM
Great poppy shot. How did you get the outline around everything?

N/A theos   Jul 1 2006 4:26AM
nice colors and contrast sintap !

N/A krobra   Jul 1 2006 7:24AM
very beautiful sin, love the dreamy effect

N/A dawson   Jul 1 2006 8:49AM
Beautifully done -- nice, soft feel to the shot! All of your work is wonderful, sintap2. I look forward to seeing your others this month (VOTED)!!

N/A diggerdoo   Jul 1 2006 8:52AM

N/A kwelborn   Jul 1 2006 8:57AM
WOW, I think I am looking at a WINNER here!!! This is PERFECT!! Love the softness!! Great job!!!

N/A valeriel   Jul 1 2006 9:10AM
another beautiful shot!!! love the orange

N/A cmd90   Jul 1 2006 9:24AM
The soft edges adds a nice touch! I do agree with Sullivan's comments as well.

N/A nymom4150   Jul 1 2006 9:32AM
Beautiful... love the softness around the edges...Wonderful shot!! WOW! voted

N/A dewnflipz   Jul 1 2006 9:45AM
I love the softness of this photo! Excellent work! vtd

N/A blueice   Jul 1 2006 10:12AM
soft and dreamy... wish you luck...
hope to see you on snapshotforum.com
i askd soa to delete my account...so this is goodbye for here...

N/A madsteps21   Jul 1 2006 10:20AM
very well done,,,,,,,,,,voted

N/A blasio14   Jul 1 2006 10:23AM
Outstanding Work!

N/A lale465   Jul 1 2006 10:31AM
Well done, love the colors and the soft effect. vtd

N/A maiden46   Jul 1 2006 11:19AM
OMGoshhhhhhh sintap, this is an amazing shot, very soft, very dreamlike, beautiful colors, awesome capture, voted

N/A maiden46   Jul 1 2006 12:08PM
sintap, if you get the chance, go and look at jen61 photo of her daughter. reminds me of what your daughter will look like when she gets a bit older. she actually looks like her just older.

N/A lyvette   Jul 1 2006 12:32PM
Cool. Almost looks like you used a lensbaby on this? v

N/A keg1218   Jul 1 2006 12:35PM
beautiful capture Sintap, love the colors and the softness-excellent as always!

N/A shepherd34   Jul 1 2006 12:55PM
Beautiful shot...vtd

N/A cdmcmillan   Jul 1 2006 1:30PM
very nice!!
please check out my gallery if you get the chance :)

N/A janetpvt   Jul 1 2006 2:03PM
I like that effect....v

N/A ganesh5555   Jul 1 2006 4:03PM
Sinta, this is exquisite. There's nothing like a filed of poppies, and you've captured them exquisitely. Love the angle too!

N/A birdbrain   Jul 1 2006 4:17PM
wooooww!!that is soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love orange!!!!!!!! V

N/A tammy05046   Jul 1 2006 4:17PM
Your work amazes me I really glad you didnt leave at the end of the month like some of the others because I just love looking at your pics you are very tallented please Have a JESUS day voted

N/A aysiana   Jul 1 2006 4:34PM
I like the colors on this and the effect. Nice work. Not as pretty as your daughter though =) It almost looks like you used a Lensbaby for this shot. Im going to be getting one very soon =)

N/A aj1128   Jul 1 2006 4:41PM
beautiful picture. i love the colors.... voted

N/A kleb59   Jul 1 2006 4:54PM
Ahhh, orange has to be one of my favorite colors for flowers! You captured this beautifully!! v

N/A thelak   Jul 1 2006 5:10PM
sintap2 you did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You take the most wonderful pics!!!voted

N/A cablegal   Jul 1 2006 7:02PM
very nice....vtd

N/A gavinsmom   Jul 1 2006 7:23PM
Hey Sintap, I couldn't wait to see what you posted. LOVE this shot. I submitted an orange flower pic myself. I love these flowers. I have no idea what they are called but i have lots of them myself. great job. VOTED

N/A njsabs2323   Jul 1 2006 7:27PM
Sintap, just a note about photography that I learned in a class. The eye accepts blurred backgrounds nicely, but blurred foregrounds can be distracting. In most cases, you want you foreground to be tact sharp and the background either sharp or blurred. This is a common rule

N/A njsabs2323   Jul 1 2006 7:29PM
in photography. There are always exceptions to the rule, such as a cat in tall grass etc. but you will find an improvement in your images if you follow that rule. The idea here is nice and the colors are all correctly exposed, however the foregraound is distracting. Hope this helps. Jennifer

N/A borzio   Jul 1 2006 8:02PM
top-notch work that is a pleasure to view...
best of luck with this well done image...

N/A neckbone   Jul 1 2006 8:28PM
very cool efect! looks great. vtd.

N/A van907   Jul 1 2006 9:08PM
This is really pretty and I like the glow/blur effect used. This is very soft looking and the colors outstanding!

N/A sintap2   Jul 1 2006 10:05PM
Thank you so much everyone,appreciate the comments and the votes.
The blurry and soft effect i was using picasa and i love the blurry effect its kind like of a dreamy(in my opinion).Jennifer,i appreciate so much your comments and suggestion,i leave a message on your gallery. Good luck to you all !

N/A syrinx   Jul 1 2006 10:33PM
I love the color and the softness around the perimeter. Beautiful work. vtd

N/A warrenm   Jul 1 2006 11:15PM
Very dream-like around the edges, and crisp detail in the center. Very pleasant colors too, adding to that dreamy look.

N/A blondie57   Jul 1 2006 11:57PM
fantastic.so pretty.great job.beautiful color.voted.

N/A freesia   Jul 2 2006 12:52AM
Fantastic shot! has a nice artistic feel to it.

N/A mrstregs   Jul 2 2006 4:17AM
I just love this!! The contrasts of colors...and the softness...everything is just very cool on this shot! ~ Diana :o)

N/A blwpetcity   Jul 2 2006 4:32AM
great shot love orange for startes and the blurr at the bottom and top of the pic is nice, vtd

N/A abstract   Jul 2 2006 9:37AM
very beautiful and mesmerizing! voted

N/A ceaser   Jul 2 2006 9:41AM
Love the orange and green together very pretty! I too like the dreamy effect. Back in the
garden again...those 2 1/2 weeks took a toll on it, it is now a haven for weeds, I will
teach them not to mess with my tomatoes! Whats left of them:{

N/A legalkidd   Jul 2 2006 10:22AM

N/A tentacion   Jul 2 2006 10:26AM
Like the flow of eye movement you captured here, and the colors are nice. I have seen other's take photos of these flowers and have always found their capture of the colors to be so overpowering, yet yours has perk and still maintains the detail (v)

N/A blasio22   Jul 2 2006 11:45AM

N/A jdgates   Jul 2 2006 12:00PM
This is so PRETTY!!! WOW on the color's....

N/A mdespot   Jul 2 2006 12:35PM
This is very nice, I like the colors and the blur in the foreground and thinking of you laying on your belly to take this.

N/A adamseye   Jul 2 2006 2:09PM
excellent colors, picasa whats that dude? quit holding out on me lol. Srry I'm still very green when it comes to effects, so i really

N/A delta1743   Jul 2 2006 2:32PM
this reminds me of the wizard of oz scene , field of poppies. very pretty and dreamy

N/A katphoto   Jul 2 2006 7:36PM
dreamy - I agree - very nice

N/A rinamon   Jul 2 2006 9:40PM
I love this sintap! The colors are so warm. I like how the blurr effect lets you focus on the center of attraction! Well done. vtd

N/A angela   Jul 3 2006 12:05AM
Orange...What a beautiful color!!! Thanks for your vote too!

N/A redmanny2   Jul 3 2006 1:04AM
Aww... I love the dreaminess of this shot!
The color is great!
Way to go !!!

N/A hardtrucki   Jul 3 2006 1:17AM
perfect, just perfect! vtd

N/A sarahg   Jul 3 2006 12:53PM
Wow! Didn't see what all the fuss was about from the thumbnail, but now I do. Nicely done, sintap. I love the lighting and the soft edges. Glad I checked it out in larger format. vtd.

N/A benito   Jul 3 2006 2:27PM
this is just too beautiful, this should be the winner great shot...voted

N/A morgansmom   Jul 3 2006 2:37PM
Nice Sintap! I love the color of the flowers and the softness around them makes it even better! What kind of flowers are these? Poppies?

N/A sasq666   Jul 3 2006 2:43PM
beautiful and surrealistic,love the soft edges<voted>thanks for visiting me

N/A ccooper03   Jul 3 2006 6:29PM
beautiful color - VTD

N/A whiteswans   Jul 3 2006 6:54PM
your doing quite well with this shot for the beginning of the month great job I use picasa also love it v

N/A ckasanitsk   Jul 4 2006 11:29AM
excellent use of DOF, beautiful image - vtd

N/A al60463   Jul 4 2006 11:56AM
Excellent - vtd

N/A sugarito   Jul 4 2006 5:36PM
Thank you Sinta, happy 4th of July to you and your family,
I love the colors in this pic!

N/A vtspices   Jul 4 2006 11:31PM
California poppies. very nice Voted

N/A ronda3767   Jul 5 2006 7:13AM
one of my favorite colors very nice picture voted

N/A hazel   Jul 5 2006 7:57AM
I love these poppies.You have captured these so well in this image. I like the softness you added in Picasa. I am going to have to download it and try it. I only have MS PictureIt 10. I usually don't do anything but crop, but I am trying to learn to do other editing like yours above. Very nice vtd

N/A josh2us   Jul 5 2006 1:02PM
Very creative. You should check out my gallery. I think you will like. Voted!

N/A kellyanne   Jul 5 2006 1:24PM
It does have a dreamy effect!! Very soothing & oh, so pretty!! v

N/A monchand   Jul 5 2006 2:11PM
very nice

N/A jen61   Jul 5 2006 7:17PM
WOW! Very beautiful! vtd

N/A faith44   Jul 5 2006 9:16PM
Beautiful soft coloring...Frame worthy...V

N/A osillypam   Jul 6 2006 12:54AM
gorgeous! interesting flowers, interesting shot! Voted.

N/A kawetijoru   Jul 6 2006 5:58AM
I think the flowers have a nice, sinuous flow from the bottom edge of the picture. I like the softness of the picture but I also think njsabs2323 makes a good point. I'm still voting for this picture however, because I like the feeling of it. Very Nice. V

N/A ljgks83   Jul 6 2006 5:48PM
beautiful shot !!... congrats on your win last month

N/A kayla   Jul 6 2006 7:20PM
beautiful. great color an the effects make it even more beautiful. vtd

N/A gjjones   Jul 6 2006 11:23PM
Dreamy photo...ur da man sintap....i aspire to be like you....voted

N/A logan   Jul 7 2006 2:30AM
Great shot, nice contrast in colors!
Best regards,

N/A jordana   Jul 7 2006 11:43AM
Lovely...like looking at them through summery heat waves. vtd Thanks for kind words on my pics.

N/A katmcfed   Jul 7 2006 1:55PM
beatiful! love it! soft edges

N/A ericjaime   Jul 8 2006 10:26AM
thats really pretty, this looks like a dream...vtd

N/A pbramble   Jul 8 2006 11:10AM
wow... stunning. voted

N/A tiffymarie   Jul 8 2006 12:22PM
Stunning! vtd.
and thank you its great to be back!

N/A teresa0914   Jul 9 2006 1:34AM
Very pretty love the color and soft focus! Voted

N/A etn991   Jul 9 2006 11:13AM
beautiful colors. nice use of effect. pace.

N/A wishtofish   Jul 9 2006 9:29PM
Beautiful shot!

N/A kathy0249   Jul 9 2006 9:52PM
The color of these flowers is just beautiful !! I like the little guy on the far left - looks like it has been outlined. Very nicely done. I agree with you, it is kind of dreamy :) Kathy

N/A k828828828   Jul 10 2006 10:23AM
WOW i love this photo. Great colors . Very warm and peaceful GREAT WORK VOTED

N/A spike61162   Jul 11 2006 6:43AM
very pretty

N/A perceived   Jul 11 2006 1:45PM
wonderful photo, color, soft focus...one to be hung on the wall

N/A janie1707   Jul 11 2006 8:51PM
So very pretty...Beautiful colors...voted

N/A maryk   Jul 12 2006 7:47PM
Of the two flower shots, this is my favorite. :-) It has a great hazy, dreamy feeling--sort of reminds me of Dorothy and the Oz gang becoming drowsy in the field of poppies... Great shot!

N/A csetters   Jul 13 2006 12:05PM
I love the blurry foreground and background! wonderful dreamy picture

N/A fwinn3   Jul 13 2006 4:15PM
Gives you the feeling of Dreaming. VTD

N/A steph324   Jul 14 2006 10:44AM
I love this!!!!!!!

N/A buttercup   Jul 14 2006 11:40PM
Love the comp, as if you were sitting in a field and turned to see the beauty around you. V

N/A russkats   Jul 15 2006 11:55PM
the use of the soft focus, produces the depth in the picture, very well done ! vtd

N/A fotoameric   Jul 16 2006 2:25PM
nice flowers.........excellent composition.......vtd

N/A photojunky   Jul 17 2006 9:23PM
Wonderful picture..Beautiful color

N/A bduplissey   Jul 19 2006 12:00AM
Beautiful....Love the softness and the color

N/A aquatic   Jul 19 2006 8:08PM
it look so sureal

N/A woodself   Jul 20 2006 3:00PM
It really is very dreamy; this is very cool and I like it a lot. The colors are great.

N/A andrealeev   Jul 22 2006 8:28AM
wow dreamy is right. just lovely and that word came to mind before i even read your comments. this shot really stands out for it uniqueness.

N/A meric543   Jul 22 2006 11:26AM
Wonderful picture...very calming!

N/A marilucupp   Jul 22 2006 6:25PM
very beautiful..........................voted

N/A critterboo   Jul 23 2006 6:39PM
amazing shot - l love the softness of the focus - very neat -- voted

N/A conniezeek   Jul 24 2006 12:49PM
love the color contrast. voted

N/A lsabbe   Jul 25 2006 6:18PM
I love the great soft focus effect. Very impressive!

N/A roselyn   Jul 26 2006 10:22AM
like it. very dreamy. vtd.
p.s. thanks for commenting on mine.

N/A ljgks83   Jul 29 2006 8:19AM
i enjoy this photo so much

N/A clparker   Aug 28 2006 12:33PM
Ooooo!! Very pretty. vtd

N/A ozarks   Aug 31 2006 5:43PM
This is an awesome shot - thx. for visiting. stay in touch. vtd.

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