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Welcome to kobresia's Site
  Writer/published photographer/digital artist and children's book author. Welcome! :)
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kobresia’s Photo Journal
Submit your favorite pictures and they will be uploaded instantly onto our website for you and your friends to enjoy. Anything, from your dog rolling around in the yard to breathtaking
kobresia has 4 journals
Mastering your Hues (and Fixing your Whites) 04/01/2012 Hit 755
  I want to try to keep this tutorial as simple as possible, and explain it in a way that makes it easy for even a child to understand. if you want richer, higher quality colours inyour photos...
Photoshop Tutorial (more textures/layering) 04/01/2012 Hit 723
  (Don`t let the PS jargon scare ya! This really is quite easy.)Just takes a bit of practice. I want to say briefly, that a little over a year ago, I didn`t even own photoshop, and quite fra...
Layering with Textures tutorial/COREL 04/01/2012 Hit 755
    This tutorial covers integrating textures into your image, erasing, blending, and LIGHTING. (and a few other things) Step by step. (And though I use CS3 Extended-Photoshop mostly, ...
``Peanut Butter Soup`` This journal has been chosen as the FOCUS OF THE WEEK! 03/24/2010 Hit 1238
      I wet the bed until I was 13. (Had to get that one out of theway right from the start.) My classmates ridiculed me merci-lessly and called me ``Stinky``. I was dirt poor...