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Welcome to hrichter77's Site
  I want to share my albums and journals with all SOA members. Take your time and browse around and have fun.
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hrichter77’s Photo Journal
Submit your favorite pictures and they will be uploaded instantly onto our website for you and your friends to enjoy. Anything, from your dog rolling around in the yard to breathtaking
hrichter77 has 5 Albums
Random 03/28/2012
This is a collection of random photos that don't really have a place....
Babies 02/28/2012
Babies warm my heart!...
Vanishing Perspective - October Challenge 10/03/2011
This will be my first attempt at the Album Challenge for October...vanishing perspective is the theme. Here goes nothing )...
Moments in Time 09/19/2011
I need help improving my photography. Any & all suggestions are WELCOME!...
Sports 09/19/2011
I have two sons currently age 6 and 2. My 6 year old is just starting to get into sports so I would love to get some advice on my sports shots and how to make them better....