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Welcome to antnego's Site
  I'm Anthony, a part-time amateur photographer. I shoot landscapes, portraits, weddings and events. I love street photography and photojournalism. I hope you enjoy my albums. Please leave feedback!
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antnego’s Photo Journal
Submit your favorite pictures and they will be uploaded instantly onto our website for you and your friends to enjoy. Anything, from your dog rolling around in the yard to breathtaking
antnego has 10 Albums
The Mysterious Case of Tio's Tacos vs. the World's Largest Paper Cup 06/30/2015
Weirdness abounds......
Crystal Cathedral 07/06/2012
The Crystal Cathedral is one of the wonders of Southern California. Built entirely of steel and glass, the facility is still an active church and holds regular services....
Salvation Mountain 04/28/2012
Salvation Mountain was created in the heat of the Colorado Desert approximately 3 miles from the eastern shore of the Salton Sea by a devout man named Leonard, who lived in a converted bus without ele...
Trees and More Trees 02/25/2012
For Tree Contest!!!...
Shooting the Sheet at Mickey's House This journal has been chosen as the FOCUS OF THE WEEK! 01/04/2012
Being the 25,000th person at the park with a DSLR camera, my shots are destined for greatness and originality. Next time, I'll do experimental surrealist/cubist photography with a pinhole camera....
Las Vegas and Death Valley 09/13/2011
My trip with the GF and Friends to faraway places......
EAT ME! 08/31/2011
Me, C, and a ton of heart-stopping food (literally) at the Orange County Foodie Festival!!!! Fainting housewives! Complete gluttony! Faces full of pizza! Ten-thousand exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!...
The Art Show! 03/06/2011
Pictures of an art show in Little Tokyo. Special thanks to the curator Stephanie of holdupart for welcoming me in and allowing me to get these pics! You can check out more of holdupart at www.holdupar...
A Sunny Day 02/26/2011
Landscape views during the daytime....
Introducing... 12/08/2010
Selected from my personal archive, accumulated over the last 2 years. I prefer to shoot still life, landscape, night, and motion shots. Enjoy!...