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05/07/2012 |  202  views | 7  comments |  view exif data
Squawkin  by  aeverhard

Red-winged blackbird

vjthomas  May 7 2012 8:02PM
Super catch, tried to catch one of these fellow today, no luck

jaycole37  May 7 2012 8:05PM
Nice timing and shot...!

nitti  May 7 2012 9:45PM
Sweet...great colors

texasyacht  May 7 2012 9:55PM
awesome Andrea

zyxwv  May 8 2012 6:03AM
nice job lovin that pose!

phgal  May 8 2012 8:52AM
so beautiful

mfarrugg  May 8 2012 8:53AM
looks like he is yelling at you!

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