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05/04/2012 |  167  views | 8  comments |  view exif data
'Splash'  by  rondo


pezgirl75  May 5 2012 7:57AM
Great POV! I hope you didn''t get wet, lol :)

texasyacht  May 5 2012 10:43AM
wicked cool Ron

nitti  May 5 2012 10:58AM
Not the typical surfer shot!

britishgal  May 5 2012 11:19AM
Very creative angle!! :-)

rondo  May 5 2012 12:34PM

Yes,I did get a little wet,Misty...up to my neck in water!lol:))

hippie22  May 5 2012 8:08PM
loving the unique POV!! :D

rondo  May 6 2012 1:03AM
Water-cam all the way...thanks!:))

sabra22  May 17 2012 9:49AM
ah man...hoping you had that helmet on Mr......LOL...WOWZERS

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