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04/02/2012 |  321  views | 18  comments |  view exif data
Phalaenopsis Orchid  by  gloriam

From the Orchid and Hibiscus Festival at Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, FL.

wildmanaz  Apr 2 2012 11:59AM
Sweet Gloria

nansea454  Apr 2 2012 12:24PM
Well done!!!

vghiggins  Apr 2 2012 2:08PM

photojim  Apr 7 2012 4:58PM
Love the color with the black background

vjthomas  Apr 12 2012 6:53PM
This is lovely, Congrats on the hp

nitti  Apr 12 2012 7:13PM
A beauty....congrats

ladybug42  Apr 12 2012 7:45PM
Love this, great color and clarity ~ Marsha

ladybug42  Apr 12 2012 7:45PM
Love this, great color and clarity ~ Marsha

texasyacht  Apr 12 2012 8:21PM
congrats on the HP:)

cowgirltee  Apr 12 2012 9:15PM
what a beauty... congrats on your hp..

photojim  Apr 12 2012 11:30PM
This image really stands out. Wonderful color. Congrats on this well deserving HP

vghiggins  Apr 13 2012 2:43PM

wildmanaz  Apr 15 2012 5:50PM
Congrats on your HP Gloria

treyzure  Apr 16 2012 7:47AM
beautiful work, Gloria...congrats on your HP!

lettrick  Apr 18 2012 3:21PM

rondo  Apr 19 2012 10:41AM
Soft & beautiful...love it! Congrats on the HP!:)

zyxwv  Apr 19 2012 9:22PM
beautiful love that softness congrats!

papafriz  Apr 20 2012 7:34AM
Awesome! Congrats on the hp.

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