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03/02/2012 |  382  views | 5  comments |  view exif data
Downtown Baltimore  by  aeverhard

kobresia  Mar 2 2012 10:20PM
Your shot here made me wanna go grab one of my freeway shots. :) I''ve never been to Baltimore! (Been through Maryland several times.) I like the HDR-ish colouring here. Neat vertical. :)

zyxwv  Mar 2 2012 11:16PM
very cool love the street eye view really gives a sense of the city''s vibe

aeverhard  Mar 2 2012 11:48PM
Thank you, guys!! Birg.. if you''ve never been to Baltimore..the Inner Harbor.. its a must see. this was the first time for us...next time i think the aquarium..there''s a lot to see and do!

texasyacht  Mar 3 2012 12:29AM

cowgirltee  Mar 3 2012 1:16AM
excellent.. love it..

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