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03/02/2012 |  319  views | 10  comments |  view exif data
Bzzzzy  by  aeverhard

kobresia  Mar 2 2012 7:39PM
That''s a good bee shot, Andrea. You''re a good photographer, you know. :)

aeverhard  Mar 2 2012 8:19PM
well thank you very much, Birg!!! : ))

cowgirltee  Mar 2 2012 9:25PM
amazing capture girl.. this is sweet..

aeverhard  Mar 2 2012 9:44PM
Thank ya, Tee!! )

zyxwv  Mar 2 2012 11:23PM
cool I hope the big one is not a bully lol and I agree with birg totally :-)

aeverhard  Mar 3 2012 12:09AM
lol@Mick..and thank you!

texasyacht  Mar 3 2012 12:30AM

rondo  Mar 3 2012 2:08AM
Outstanding capture,Andrea...agree with all the above!:))

aeverhard  Mar 3 2012 7:09AM
and thank you to Tex and Ron! Your comments are very much appreciated : ))

vghiggins  Mar 3 2012 7:16AM
this is awesome, Girl! great shot!

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