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02/26/2012 |  224  views | 6  comments |  view exif data
Family swim  by  aeverhard

in the ocean of Cape May, NJ

papaga  Feb 26 2012 1:40PM

aeverhard  Feb 26 2012 3:26PM
Thank you! We were on a speedboat and apparently they love music and the more noise you make, the more they show off for you.. It was great fun!

zyxwv  Feb 26 2012 4:19PM
wonderful shot I''d love to see wild dolphins!

texasyacht  Feb 27 2012 6:01AM
how coool

dbarbswagg  Feb 28 2012 3:32PM
Aww, I love Dolphins! Cool Pic btw

wildmanaz  Feb 28 2012 7:56PM
Super duper

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