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03/27/2012 |  105  views | 34  voting points | 5  comments |  view exif data
Angie & Colton
/images/icon/ic_img_notfound_48.gif Angie & Colton  by  kmb781811

Family shoot at Cannonsburgh (TN).

N/A jacob926   Mar 27 2012 11:10AM
Cool b&w!

N/A bayou   Mar 27 2012 11:24AM
Great B & W....Bill :)

N/A phgal   Mar 27 2012 11:47AM
very nice

N/A kmb781811   Mar 27 2012 1:35PM
Thank you!!

N/A abdelhady   Mar 27 2012 5:58PM
Very nice

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